In Complex Transactions, the Details Matter

Wachtel Missry’s acquisitions & dispositions practice covers transactions of every class, from several millions of dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars. Our acquisitions and dispositions work spans the globe including local and regional markets in the United States as well as international markets in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean Basin. Complex acquisition and sale transactions are a hallmark of our real estate practice.

We have been at the center of the New York City real estate market since the firm’s early days, advising clients through numerous market cycles and drawing on decades of experience to foresee issues in structuring new transactions. Our attorneys have worked on the purchase and sale of some of New York City’s most renowned landmarks.

We offer comprehensive legal counsel to buyers, sellers, lenders, joint venture partners, investors  and other parties at the deal table, and we excel in our ability to get even the toughest deals done.

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